Friday, 5 April 2013


Congratulations to Ewan Miles for succeeding where The Diary has failed, and thanks too for allowing The Diary to publish his picture of Comet PanSTARRS over Ardnamurchan.  The view is from Mull, where Ewan is a wildlife guide with Sea Life Surveys, and the comet is at centre left.

This is a slightly enhanced close-up of the picture.

The picture was taken over the Easter weekend.  The Diary needs to go out and have another go at this....

Ewan's website is here.


  1. Handy how to find it guide here:!i=2442144665&k=pt5xq6w

  2. Hi just found your blog about Ardnamurchan.Can anyone help my great great Grandfather came from a place I think it was called Surdale He was Sandy Stewart a Sea Captain trading to North America , he married an Inuit and then he worked for the Hudson Bay Company for the rest of his life , I have never been in Scotland , maybe some day as I live in a small town outside Alberta .

  3. Hi there - I'll do what I can to help. Contact me at Jon