Thursday, 4 April 2013

Local News

This was the view from Ormsaigbeg across Kilchoan Bay towards Ben Hiant early yesterday evening, with a fire burning somewhere near Mingary and a pall of smoke beyond which was coming from the fires which are ravaging the West Highlands.  The radio reported this morning that some 200 fires have been burning.  This is the muir-burning season, when landowners are permitted to burn off dead vegetation, but it ends on the 15th April.  Despite this, the fire service has begged landowners to stop starting fires - fire crews in the Highlands and Islands are exhausted.  Kilchoan team were out again yesterday afternoon, and got to bed at two this morning.  More about the fires here.

On a more cheerful note, one of crofter Nan MacLachlan's ewes has produced healthy triplets who were enjoying this morning's lovely weather.

And on another seasonal note, the first yacht of the year was tied up to one of Kilchoan Jetty Association's moorings yesterday midday.

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