Monday, 29 April 2013

A History of Kilmory

'A History of Kilmory' is the latest in a series of histories of the townships of West Ardnamurchan.  These histories are accessible from the right-hand column of the Diary, under the heading 'W. Ardnamurchan Histories'.

Kilmory is a small settlement on Ardnamurchan's beautiful north coast.  It's typical of many crofting townships in that the houses are dispersed along the top of the croft fields.  But, like many crofting townships, it has a far, far older history which goes back centuries before crofting was ever invented.  Finding this history is difficult because there are so few records, but there are old maps which are a rich source of evidence.

All these histories are works in progress.  If anyone can help by suggesting other sources of information, I would be very grateful - and email address is towards the bottom of the right-hand column.

I would like to record my particular thanks to Mary Khan, Joey MacKenzie and Donald Houston for their help with this history.

'A History of Kilmory' is here.

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