Sunday, 31 March 2013

An Apology from The Raptor

From The Raptor:

Recently I was asked by my master to dictate a blog for him (here) and after he saw the entry he went mad, he flew in the air, hissed, clawed the settee, and sat with his back to me for most of that evening. I really couldn't see what I had done to make him behave like this, then he began to paw at his collar, which made me have a look at it, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  His tantrum was caused by the fact that in that last blog I had spelt his name HenDry and he was making the point that his name is HENRY, no D in it. So for that he requested extra food and more treats than normal, which I gave to him readily.

So I apologise to all his readers out there in blogger land for the confusion.

PS. He also asked me to publish a photo which made him look high and aloof, so I sat him on a post and took this one.

The Diary wishes to point out that Henry is no ordinary cat: he is reputed to own, as well as The Raptor, a good portion of Ardnamurchan Estate.


  1. Being a cat lover and a fan of
    Ardnamurchan I love this. They
    certainly are masters and mysterious
    at that. What a fortunate cat to have
    the privilege of living in such a
    great area.

  2. There's no doubt who..... well, who wears the trousers in your house Ricky!

    ......and that look H gave me when I nonchalantly sat on his chair when I was across a couple of weeks ago!!

    Alan (Ricky's guest from the east)