Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Dangerous Walk

The Diary was taken for a walk to the bay below the house yesterday afternoon by the younger grand-daughter because, having been bought new boots, she wanted to try them out on some rock climbing.  This is a somewhat terrifying experience as the young lady has no fear, scrambling up slippery faces with vertical drops to the sea below, and then adopting a look of puzzled pity when she is admonished to, "Be careful!"

The poor girl comes from a family which seems to enjoy outdoor extremes.  It was a lovely sunny day, but by late afternoon the temperature had begun to drop, a breeze had risen, and the sea temperature has only just begun to rise from its winter minimum....

....none of which deterred the parents from plunging in....

....and swimming out to sea.

The thrills of rock-climbing having palled and her parents having disappeared over the horizon, we went off to explore some rock pools.  Now this is a pursuit which The Diary thoroughly enjoys - not least because it is reasonably safe - but, while we were crouching over one pool, we heard a crunching sound coming from a nearby rock.

We investigated, to find this mink tucked in a crevice beneath the rock and not in the slightest bit worried at our approach, the reason being....

....that he was enjoying an early evening meal of crab.

At this point it was time to go home: mink are nasty animals and, like grand-daughters, have neither imagination nor fear, so the two did not seem a healthy combination.

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