Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mingary Castle to be Saved

Mingary Castle has for years been in a dangerous state of decay.  At last night's Community Council meeting, Donald Houston of Ardnamurchan Estate announced that work is about to start on what he hopes will be a complete refurbishment of the castle.

This is a castle of national importance, the seat of Clan MacIain, a sept of the MacDonalds which was once one of the most powerful in the Highlands.  I am sure that there are many who will be as thrilled as I am that the castle is to be saved.

To celebrate, the Diary is publishing a brief history of the castle.  As with the local township histories - accessible under the heading 'W Ardnamurchan Histories' in the right-hand column of this blog - this is very much as work in progress.

The history is here.
A report of the community Council meeting is here.


  1. Good news it is to be saved from crumbling into the sea.

  2. Excellent news. Would love to see it restored!