Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Trooper King

Many readers will remember the Diary entries about Trooper Norman King of the Warwickshire Yeomanry whose body was washed ashore on West Ardnamurchan in 1940 (most recent here).  He was a victim of the sinking of the Arandorra Star which was carrying, amongst others, German prisoners of war and their guards to Canada.

Beryl King, the wife of Norman's brother, Douglas, has contacted the Diary and kindly given permission for two photographs to be published

The first shows Norman King, the picture taken at a prisoner of war camp at Tidworth in Hampshire on 30th September 1939.  Beryl King says that his body was found in a cove near Sanna.

The second, showing Douglas King, Norman's brother, was taken in Aleppo, Syria, in June 1943.  Douglas was also in the Warwickshire Yeomanry.

Beryl says, "Douglas and I and our two sons have visited Kilchoan many times and fell in love with the area so it seemed only natural that when Douglas passed away he should be laid to rest with his brother.

Ian Pittendraugh interred Douglas ashes just before he went to New Zealand.

"I am unfortunately now unable to make the journey to see them (advanced years!!) but I think about them every day."

Many thanks to Beryl King for allowing the Diary to publish these pictures.


  1. As a once a year visitor to Kilchoan I was told by the late Cathie Mac Coll from Porruairk that it was she who found Normans body at Sanna ,so every year I place a cross with a Poppy on the grave just to show he is not forgotton being so far from home. We will remember Him , Erik.

  2. Correction to my last message Normans body was found near Bay mac Neil not Sanna Erik