Tuesday, 25 May 2010

When we arrived back in Kilchoan the weather was warm and the gorse in full bloom. The village, after a cold spell, had had some much-needed rain, so the grazing has come on a treat. Then, on Sunday evening, the wind turned into the north, a dank sea mist crept across the peninsula, and the temperature, in the space of a few minutes, plummeted. We assumed that the fine weather had gone. Monday dawned grey....

....but the wind had moved round to the northeast and, although it has remained cold, we have basked in sunshine ever since.

Having spent part of our holiday in the SE of Jamaica, an area which is probably the driest part of the island, the richness of Kilchoan's green is a pleasure. We're at the stage when the bluebells are in full bloom; within a week they'll be swamped by the bracken.

Although this hasn't been the best, May is always a lovely month here. Not the least of its advantages is that the midges haven't woken from their winter hibernation.

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