Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Meall Mo Chridh 2

Meall Mo Chridh was built as Kilchoan's Church of Scotland Manse. The old church, St Congan's, can be seen to the right of the house, beyond the large, walled garden and its mature beech trees.

In the the old days the incumbent, like everyone else in the village, was expected to be largely self-sufficient, so the property came with a substantial parcel of grazing land, called the glebe, part of which is pictured above. David and Stella Cash, the present owners, make good use of the land for their sheep and the walled garden for growing a wide range of vegetables and fruit.

Meall Mo Chridh is just visible at bottom left in this photo. Behind it rises the steep slope of Glashbheinn, the grey hill, which, although it is largely common grazing for Kilchoan crofting township, offers miles of walking and spectacular views for the visitor.

Looked at from behind, the house faces across Kilchoan Bay, with its ever-changing salt flats. The bay is a paradise for birds: oyster catcher, curlew, mallard, shelduck, eider, swans, cormorant, shag, merganser, plover, sanderling, greylag goose and, above the bay, gannet, hen harrier and sea eagle, to name but a representative few. The bay is a safe anchorage for yachts, four moorings being available for visitors, and, with its pubic jetty, a wonderful place to mess around in small boats.

And for those guests who are lucky enough to occupy the master bedroom, all this activity is visible from the bath.

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