Friday, 21 May 2010

Kilchoan Community Centre

One of Scotland's Millennium halls, built to replace the old village hall which was little more than a corrugated iron shed, the Centre was opened in 1998. The building is unassuming, set into the landscape, but the business success of this charity is reflected in the way it continues to expand. Two 5kw wind turbines were recently added, it has a first-class football pitch, and it will shortly boast a new children's playpark.

The Centre is run by a locally elected committee but employs a full-time manager and a number of seasonal employees and voluntary workers. Good management has meant it has not had to ask for any subsidies since it was started.

As well as being home to numerous clubs and activities, it contains Kilchoan's Medical Centre, where two full-time District Nurses are based, a Tourist Information Office with a shop, a cafe, a fitness area, a games room, access to the internet, showers and toilets.

Its website offers, along with information about local activities, a means of recording wildlife sightings, and a Flickr group, to which photographs of this beautiful area can be uploaded.

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