Monday, 24 May 2010

It's Good to be Home

Many thanks to Rachael, Sue, Gael and all the others who have kept the Diary going during the five weeks we have been abroad.

Our journey took us to exciting places - Jamaica, Miami, Bermuda, Lisbon - and included almost a fortnight on a cruise ship, but one of the best moments is always the return home. We came back to Lochaber our favourite way, on the Scotrail sleeper from Euston to Fort William. The views across Rannoch Moor and Loch Treig (pictured below), and then down Spean Gorge, match those of any of the wild mountain places we have ever seen - particularly when you wake to them on a warm early summer morning. Why this wonderful journey isn't packed solid with American tourists can only be blamed on Scotrail's dismal lack of imagination and unwillingness to invest.

But best of all was catching Gordon's bus for the unique experience of that three hour ride from Fort William along the peninsula to Kilchoan. It's a little like travelling in a mobile coffee shop, the conversation constant but gentle, the passing scenery breathtaking.

"Has anything happened while we've been away?" we ask anxiously.

A carefully considered silence follows.

"No' much."


Further consideration, and a general shaking of heads.

"Lambing gone well?"


Well, at least something's happened.

And then there's that wonderful moment when the bus breasts the hill at Ardslignish and Ben Hiant and Camas nan Geall come into view, and we know we are home.

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