Friday, 6 November 2015

Vintage Car Rally

We were away in September when this rally of vintage cars came through Kilchoan, arriving via the ferry from Tobermory.

Very many thanks to Nick Winter, who was here in Kilchoan to record their arrival, for sending in these pictures.

Some of them can be identified from the internet. KY 2832 is a Lagonda 3 litre tourer sold recently for over £80,000 while....

....this is a 1936 Lagonda Rapier 10hp Sports Tourer.

They all have very much the same look to them, so I wonder if all are Lagondas, and if....

....this was a Lagonda rally.

Whatever they are, they must have been a fine sight, and their owners justifiably proud of cars in such superb condition. And the Ardnamurchan sun shone on them.

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