Thursday, 5 November 2015

Giant Funnels Again

This is one of several giant funnels, Leucopaxillus giganteus, growing at the bottom of the track which leads up to Coimh Lionadh, Ormsaigbeg.  It's  a large fungus - this specimen in about 150mm across - and there are others growing nearby which are larger.

We're pleased to see it as the same fungus appeared in the same place in late November last year - see post here. Apparently, giant funnels are not common in Britain, though it also occurs in northern Europe and North America.  Last year we noticed that the fungi formed an incomplete ring round an oak tree.

The writer who describes the fungus on the First Nature website, here, stays, "A scattered group of these remarkable fungi is quite a sight, but if you ever come across a fairy ring of Giant Funnels it is an experience you will not forget quickly. I have seen such a ring only once, and regrettably I did not have a camera to record the spectacle.

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