Friday, 27 November 2015

Blackcap and Diver

We've had a brief visit from a blackcap, this one a female so she has a brown cap. She tried to have a turn on the peanut feeders, which is perhaps a little surprising as the blackcap's main food is insects and berries, but the rampant chaffinches didn't give her a chance.

So she didn't stay long - the weather was miserable anyway - and we haven't seen her again, so we hope she's now on her way south to find somewhere a little more cheerful to spend her winter.

On a grey morning I tried to get a picture of the water birds on the little lochan along from the shop - Lochan nan Al. Most of them were wigeon which spend the winter here, and there was also a pair of mallard, but the bird that caught my eye was the one at left in the picture, which is a diver of some sort.

An attempt to get closer for a better picture failed when a small group of greylag geese which had been hiding along the shore took to the air in their usual, noisy fashion, frightening the other birds into instant flight.


  1. The 'diver' in the second photo looks like a female red breasted merganser. A member of the sawbill family.

  2. Thanks, David - have had that confirmed by another reader.
    Just wish I could have got a little closer. Jon