Thursday, 12 November 2015

Views of a Coastline

From Rubha Aird an Iasgaich, the point which is reached by climbing the fence by the new electric car filling station at Mingary Pier, there is a panoramic view across the mouth of Kilchoan Bay to the length of coastline which runs from the most westerly houses of Kilchoan, at right, to the cliffs of  Sron Bheag, at far left. The land along this coast is shared by three townships.

Sitting on the point on a warm autumn morning, with the tide low and occasional bright patches of sunshine moving across the scene, it was possible to photograph each section of this coastline. This is the western part of the crofting township of Kilchoan, with the peak of Chro Bheinn at top right.

The adjacent township is Ormsaigmore. It comprises three crofts, all running from the common grazings at the back down to the sea, of which two are visible here.

The next township along is Ormsaigbeg, the eastern end of which includes the shop, The Ferry Stores, surrounded by a group of traditionally white painted houses.

This township's crofts, like those of Ormsaigmore, run from the common grazings down to the coastline. The houses of Ormsaigbeg are strung out along the road which runs almost to Sron Bheag. This is the western end of these houses.

The road ends by the white house, called the Twin's House, at the left of this picture. The hillside behind it rises steeply to a more level area which, according to the old maps, was once extensively settled, though there are few signs of the houses that were once there. That the land was once worked is shown by the masses of bracken that have now taken over the ancient fields.

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