Sunday, 22 November 2015

Surf Paradise Sanna

This was the sunrise this morning at the start of a truly beautiful November day in the Scottish Highlands, the sort of day that brings everyone out to enjoy the sunshine, most to take a walk but someone....

....has to be different. There's no need to look for the big surf of Maui when it can be found at neighbouring Sanna beach.

The best sets are to be found in the bay below Sanna Bheag, where world-class waves....

....come rolling in to the shore - along with a fair bit of seaweed.

Our surfer was out honing skills learnt in exotic places like Portugal, though occasionally....

....Sanna's waves did get the better of her.

Appropriately, the post-surf snack included a mango.

Many thanks to Ben at the Big Blue Tree for the photos.

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