Monday, 9 November 2015

Air Wars

It's not often that one can sit and watch one's services being fought over, but these three robins have been engaged in some bitter low-level aerial combat over the last few days, and we suspect that it's to do with which robin will 'own' our garden and hence the food we'll be putting out over the coming winter.

We know who won.  This is our semi-tame robin round the front of the house the following day, looking very pleased with himself. He asked for, and was given, a handful of bird grain but we're clean out of that he really likes - Bombay mix.

Meanwhile, high above the robins the local crows have been chasing each other round the skies. The bird on the right is a raven, and he's pursuing a much smaller - but still very large - hooded crow. The chasing isn't all this way round: the other morning we watched a hoodie harassing a raven.

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  1. One wonders if his spicy BO keeps him mite and flea free.