Thursday, 19 November 2015

Le Boreal - Dramatic Rescue

Trevor Potts, who runs the Ardnamurchan Campsite through the summer and is currently working on the cruise ship L'Austral in Antarctica, has had an exciting 24 hours. Yesterday he reported on Facebook, "Our sister ship, Le Boreal, had an engine room fire and they abandoned ship at first light. We arrived to take about 250 people onboard. We are now heading for Stanley. No casualties. Fire is out on Le Boreal. I am on L'Austral with all the rescued people."

The Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Clyde was also close by and able to reach the cruise ship to assist in the rescue. There's video footage from her helicopter, and more information here.

Photo above shows Le Boreal passing Kilchoan.

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  1. Interesting that the MOD keeps 2 Dutch tugs under contract for emergencies in the Falklands bur British Government cannot maintain a tug for west Coast emergencies.