Monday, 16 November 2015

No Thought for the Morrow

In a few days during mid-October, the fieldfares and redwings from Scandinavia stripped the heavy berry crop from the rowan trees - see report here.  Most but not all of the invaders moved on. This redwing was pictured in a hawthorn tree, attacking one of the few sources of food left to keep our local birds through the long winter ahead.

A blackbird was in the same tree gorging herself on the fruit, watched in puzzled amazement by....

...a chaffinch with a punk hairstyle.

On the subject of chaffinches, this male was sitting in a tree surrounded by a swarm of large flying insects, but the burst of pictures taken of him produced.... of him taking off.

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  1. The midges have grown a bit after feeding on the tourists.