Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Pheasant's Child

Pheasants don't come into our garden, not with out watchdog cats - particularly this normally very shy dark pheasant which has been around all summer.

But the other day she did, and then she flew up onto the roof of the lean-to at the back and walked back and forth over it, emitting a steady, rather plaintive call. She was chased off....

....but was back soon after, walking along the top of the slope that drops into our back yard, crying quietly.

Then she sat herself down, as if to say she hadn't the slightest intention of going and was waiting for us to feed her and make her very welcome.

Chased off again, this time very firmly, she was soon back, peeping over the top at us.

Finally, we located the problem. Her chick had fallen down the slope into a box full of old plastic drain pipes. We only located her because she was calling to mum, a faint cheep-cheep.

Pheasants have a reputation for making very bad mothers, but I was impressed by this mother's determination to find her child.

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  1. Great story. Happy ending. Ah, just what was needed.