Saturday, 10 January 2015


Some idea of the ferocity of the gales overnight is given in this picture from Kilchoan Early Bird of spume welded to the cliffs to the north of Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, just visible above the cliff.

With the change in the wind direction into the northwest, here on the south side of the peninsula we're even more in the lee of the hills, but the new direction is bringing down much colder air, so we've had a day of hail, sleet and snow showers.  There's been yet more disruption to transport, with no sign of any ferries, not even the Tobermory one - in fact, we've not seen a ship in the Sound all day.

We drove over to Swordle this afternoon.  This caravan has been parked in this spot for ages but it only took a sudden, fierce gust from a slightly unusual direction to send it toppling.

By the time we reached Swordle the sun was appearing in brief intervals.  This view down to Swordle Bay shows one of Ardnamurchan Estate's letting houses, Swordle Bay House.

By the time we turned for home we'd had a couple more snow/sleet showers, and Ben Hiant, seen above Braehouse Cottage in the glen of the Achateny Water, had turned grey-white.  The forecast for the next two days remains for gales and wintery showers.

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