Saturday, 17 January 2015

And Now for Some Snow

We woke this morning to a carpet of slushy snow and the prospect of a little sunshine, so walked through Kilchoan township, with the marsh at the back of the bay on our right, hoping that the thin sunshine over Mull would make its way in our direction.

By the time we had passed the hotel and climbed the hill towards Glasbheinn Cottages a watery brightness had appeared across Ormsaigbeg.....

....but the sun finally caught up with us as we reached Mingary Castle.  The refurbishment of this magnificent 13th century national monument continues apace - the men were hard at work while we were there. Progress can be followed on the Mingary Castle blog.

After the high winds and driving rain of the last few days, it was a joy to scramble down onto the beach to the west of the castle and look back at its cobweb of scaffolding, with a snow-covered Ben Hiant behind it.

As if it too wished to enjoy the sight, an eagle came over, circulating lazily through the calm air.  The Diary is no expert on eagles, but this one seems to have the characteristics of both sea and golden eagle, so concluded that we have here a golden-sea eagle hybrid, a first anywhere in the world.

As we made out way home the weather began to change again.  Conditions were so bad on some local roads yesterday that Royal Mail weren't been able to deliver to all addresses on the peninsula, and this further fall of snow wasn't going to make the postie's job easy today.

At Meall me Chridhe, once the Church of Scotland manse, the sheep were standing around in the park looking increasingly dejected as the snow became heavier.

We arrived home, looking forward to a bit of relaxation and a well-earned cup of tea, to find Rachael putting on her new all-singing, all-dancing, super insulated wet suit so she could try it out.  There are times when the Diary worries about its children, wondering where they have found the gene that makes them do the most ludicrous things at the most inappropriate times, like going for a swim in freezing water.

However, being a dutiful if rather tired father, the necessary photographs were taken as, accompanied by Orchy the springer spaniel, she put the suit through its paces and pronounced it very good indeed - which, at the price she paid, it should be.

Yes, yes, dear, please may I go and have my cup of tea now?


  1. Lovely pictures

  2. Jon, I reckon that wet suit must have an invisible cable which plugs in to the mains back at the house and is, in fact, a radiator cunningly disguised as swimwear.

    We're shivering here, down in Lincolnshire, just looking out of the window!

    And we think that we have it cold!

    Best regards.


  3. I hope you got your cup of tea. Looks like fun!

  4. sea eagle I think, much as I like the hybrid idea....

  5. More Golden eagle, I would say: dark border to tail feathers.

  6. My son, ranger to the North Harris Trust, says, "100% Sea eagle! No doubt at all. Broad, boxy rectangular wings, long heavy neck, massive hooked bill, shorter wedge shaped tail with quite a bit of white in it - not fully adult but perhaps getting there." Frances