Friday, 23 January 2015

Pig Situation Deteriorates

This is Dusty.  Along with two other young sows and a boar, she lives on one of our neighbouring crofts. Last Sunday, Dusty produced....

 ....a fine litter of seven piglets, two of which are jet black.  So that's ten pigs on one side, and Hughie's sow and seven piglets on the other, and Angus-John has pigs just up the road.  In fact, there are now probably more pigs in Ormsaigbeg than there are sheep.

Dusty has a very modern house, the sort you'll find on those huge pig farms in East Anglia, complete with decking at the front, feeding facilities to one side, and a large run.  Large, but not as large as....

 ....the one Hughie has recently been fencing right next to our house.  He hotly denies that it's for his pigs, saying it's a building plot, but since....

....he did admit, when I found him lurking in a lay-by this morning, that he had plans for pigs on yet another piece of ground near our house, I have my doubts.

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  1. Jon, Beware Hughie will be taking over your prize veg garden next, as I have said before its all part of his master plan. All the best terry. PS. More pigs more bacon!!!!!