Friday, 2 January 2015

East Coast Sunset

While the Diary is mostly about West Ardnamurchan, it's always a pleasure to post pictures from elsewhere, particularly when they're of scenes which we don't often see.  Living on a southeast-facing side of Ardnamurchan means that sunsets are something we miss. This photo, thanks to Alan G, comes from Arbroath.

Alan says, "I was in Arbroath, and it started as a typically nice sunset looking over the Tay estuary towards Fife, but the sun went behind some distant cloud. Then just barely five minutes before the sun would have gone below the horizon, it dropped below the cloud and into a distant haze where the colour was nicely diffused and the sun appeared as a vivid pink, perfectly shaped disc. Conveniently there was also a commercial airliner flying above the sun, leaving a nice vapour trail."

Many thanks, Alan, for the picture.

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