Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Filthy Weather

We're enjoying a day of grey skies and wind speeds of around force 6 gusting to 7, and almost incessant rain.  The burns, following rain all night and through today, a total of 22mm, are rushing torrents - the one in this picture is normally little more than a trickle.

It's filthy weather, but not so bad as to deter one brave soul from spending time picking wilks - winkles in English - which can attract good prices in the export markets of southern Europe.  There's something to be said for an occupation like this: it beats sitting around all day indoors waiting for the weather to improve.

We continue to watch the forecast for Friday and Saturday with some interest.  XC Weather is still forecasting some extremes for the mornings of those two days (above), and YrNo is beginning to agree, forecasting a 'strong gale' for Friday early hours.  The BBC remains unconvinced, though it has consistently carried a 'yellow early warning of winds', beginning late Thursday evening.

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