Friday, 16 January 2015

The Pigs - A Dire Warning

Hughie smuggled the pigs in to their new run the day before yesterday, under cover of foul weather and darkness.  There's a sow with her seven piglets, though only three of them come out except....

...when there's food available.

Hughie now has three breeding sows and is talking of many, many more, and there are three sows and a boar in the croft on the other side of us.  This story from Australia should act as a timely warning of the consequences of having pigs around, particularly ones which are housed so close to a campsite like Trevor's Ardnamurchan Campsite.

Many thanks to Helen Ferguson for the link.


  1. Sounds as if Ardnamurchan is starting to suffer a steady descent into urbanisation.
    Large, often single parent families, moving in to properties under the cover of darkness. Annoying the neighbours and no visible means of support except for the sweet nature of a daily visiting "Sugar daddy". Just wait until the late night party starts!
    Peter C

  2. Jon, Beware Hughie's plan to take over the end of Ardnamurchan is starting to work. All the best Terry & Carol.

  3. Next thing you know they will turn it into a crackling den and be dealing scratchings to the local schoolkids.

  4. Bet the Beer in Australia was Heinoinkican........