Friday, 23 January 2015

Low-Flying Helicopter

Many thanks to Out&About who sent the Diary this picture, taken yesterday, of a helicopter flying over Kilchoan township.  

It came along Ormsaigbeg to the end of the road, then circled back, passing low over our house before....

....disappearing round the shoulder of the hill back towards Kilchoan.

Out&About says it was from Scottish Hydro - that's our electricity supplier - and was checking the isolators on the power lines - they isolate the live lines from the poles, seen at bottom right.  Apparently the machine carries a camera which can see any cracks.


  1. Helicopters carrying heat sensitive cameras are routinely used to fly along power line routes performing thermal image inspections for predictive maintenance. Any breakdown in conductivity results in slightly higher resistance and heat is produced as a consequence. These hot spots are easily seen and can be dealt with before a failure.