Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Water Sports

We have the East Anglian branch of the family staying at the moment and, with the weather fine if not brilliantly sunny, and the temperature soaring towards 23C during the day, we've been out and about enjoying the opportunities West Ardnamurchan offers.

This morning the adults went kayaking, with Mingary Castle as the objective, in almost perfect paddling weather - the sea a millpond and hardly a breath of wind.  Work continues on the refurbishment of this 13th century national monument - progress can be followed at the Mingary castle website here.

On the way back we diverted into the bay called Port na Luinge, where there is a small island which is one of the best places to spot seals.  Half a dozen of them were waiting for us, and came out to meet us.

The East Anglians are an intrepid bunch, taking advantage of warm, calm conditions yesterday to do a swim of almost a kilometre along the Ormsaigbeg coast.  According to the internet, the water temperature was just under 10C.  This did not deter the Diary from accompanying them - in a kayak - as.... was felt that they needed a safety boat.

We've also walked miles in the last few days.  This picture comes from an expedition to the north coast, which always includes a visit to what we call the Shelly Beach, where a few minutes' hunting usually yields a few of the delicate cowrie shells.

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  1. Aye half a dozen seals waiting to eat the salmon before they get into Dochie's nets.