Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ring of Daffodils

This ring of daffodils is to be seen on a hillside at Swordle at the moment.  One informant says that it's been there at least ten years, and that, "There are two rings of slightly different varieties of narcissus which means there is a prolonged flowering period. On closer inspection it looks like extra clumps may have been planted within the circle possibly to represent eyes and a nose making a face. Rumour has it that a horse may be buried there."

Does anyone know more about it?


  1. I'm told that a horse wasn't buried where the ring of flowers now bloom, but in the field below. The original arrangement did form a face. It was put there by the Hemmels, who owned Swordle Farm before it was bought by Ardnamurchan Estate. Jon

  2. Two years too late, I've only just seen this! The ring of daffodils was planted by Ella Hughes, nee Hammel, who owned Swordle Farm. Her parents lived at Swordle Bay House. The horse you mention was buried just below Coldstream and, I was told, is supposedly one of the reasons why the spring there is so health-giving. Rather suspect that it might in fact have more to do with the minerals.

  3. Many thanks for the clarification, westernfalcon. I need to check again in May to see if the flowers still appear. Jon