Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sanna Calm

A small group from Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology spent this morning at Sanna doing a leisurely survey of the area to the north and west of the Sanna Burn but, to be honest, it was more of a wander across lovely countryside enjoying anything that happened to come our way.  This view was taken from the bridge across the burn.

At Sanna's westernmost point there are plenty of rocks scattered around which look as if they should have great archaeological significance, but it was difficult to find anything, and the view tended to grab our attention.

The fine weather, and the forecast that it's probably not lasting beyond tonight, might explain why there were so many yachts rounding Ardnamurchan Point and cheating with their motors even though, by the time this picture was taken, a light breeze was blowing.

Considering it was a Saturday, and the weather warm and fine, there were very few people around.  Look carefully in this view, taken of Sanna's superb beaches at eleven in the morning, and you might be able to see three people.  Sanna doesn't even do crowds when the car park is full - there's so much space people simply disappear into it.

Our exploration ended at Duin Bhain, the white fort.  There's nothing particularly white about it, and little evidence there of any fortifications, though it's an obvious defensive position, but....

....nearby we made our one new discovery of the day, a shieling hut, the sort of temporary shelter used by people keeping their cows and sheep away from the township during summer - but usually there are small groups of them while this one was alone.

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