Friday, 9 May 2014

A Day Visit

From Heather McDowell:

My Mum and I recently had our annual holiday in Loch Melfort which is about 16 miles south of Oban. Last year while on holiday I purchased Mary MacGillivray's book Growing up on an Ardnamurchan Croft and thereafter became a regular subscriber to the Kilchoan Diary. This year I was desperate to visit Kilchoan and the surrounding area, and on Friday, the 2nd of May we drove from Loch Melfort to Kilchoan for a visit.

On our way in, the views from the road in front of Ben Hiant and Camus nan Geall were absolutely breathtaking. 

We called at the local shop to buy postcards, ice creams and of course our Euro Lottery tickets! We then continued along the front and saw Hughie's pigs, Betsy and Bobby, and I took several photographs.

We drove on to Ardnamurchan Point, stopping at the Ardnamurchan Garden along the way. A wee collie pup ran across the road from the Sonachan Hotel to greet us together with the excited bleatings of their wee pet lamb who was ever hopeful of a feed from an enchanted stranger!

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse was an impressive sight and we were given a tour by another Kilchoan local who was very friendly and helpful.

After visiting the Lighthouse we went on to the beautiful beaches at Sanna. There were a number of sky larks high in the sky singing their beautiful song, but otherwise we were alone on a perfect beach and in dry and calm (although not very hot!) weather. The photograph shows my Mum enjoying herself while we were there.

We had a wonderful holiday and as we went about our travels we were reminded on many occasions how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.

Many thanks to Heather for writing to the Diary.
The Diary welcomes visitors' recollection of their stay on West Ardnamurchan.

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