Thursday, 22 May 2014


The rain gauge in our front garden gives us an accurate reading of how much rain has fallen but a more impressive measure is the state of the local burns.  As they drain shallow soils on often impermeable rocks, they rise and fall rapidly and, when they're in full spate, they're impressive.  This - rather distant - photo looks across the Sound of Mull to the cliffs just to the east of Glengorm Castle.  Normally, these waterfalls aren't visible.  Yesterday morning, after twelve hours of rain which registered 28mm in the gauge, they were roaring cataracts.

The community has been concerned about the recent loss of the larger of our two ferries, which had to be transferred to the Lochaline-Fishnish route following mechanical problems with the ferry there - but the Loch Linnhe is now back on the Kilchoan-Tobermory run in time for the busy season.  This picture was taken today, in much more pleasant weather, looking from Mingary across the Sound to Mull.

We were treated to a rare sighting of the Pimpernel yesterday.  As usual, it was a brief one, as she made for the nearest cover.  Several other sheep have managed to work their way in to the croft lands from the common grazings where they belong - as does the Pimpernel - but she won't have anything to do with them, preferring to operate alone.  The last sighting is described here.

The Diary heard a report last week that the post box opposite the church had been covered with a post bag - and it's still there today.  Usually, Royal Mail is very good at putting up notices to explain why a post box is out-of-use, but there's nothing on it.  The steel upright to which the box is attached has been leaning over more and more, so perhaps it's got to the stage where the rain is going in; or perhaps a bird tried to build a nest in it and it was covered to prevent the post becoming part of the nest; or perhaps....

The stars of Kilchoan FC will be on display in a match against Mallaig on Saturday afternoon.  It's at home, and kick off is 4.30pm.

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