Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Pimpernel Returns

The last time we saw the Pimpernel was on April 9th - post here - when we spotted her on the lawn of the caravan site opposite our house.  A couple of days ago she was back, alone as always, trying to camouflage herself in one of the bramble patches near the caravan.  She obviously knew she'd been spotted but, despite this....

....nipped nimbly over the fence to continue where she had left off.  But we could see that she was nervous, continually looking our way, and when the Diary appeared at the door to try to creep a little closer to take a better picture....

....she hopped back over the fence and set off across the croft field below our house in the direction of Betsy and Bobby's enclosure.  We haven't seen her since.

That she doesn't associate with other sheep, keeps a low profile, and knows when to make herself scarce, has enabled this canny old lady to stay down in the green grass of the croft lands while all the rest of her flock are weathering life up in the common grazings.  She may be old, grey, mangy, and one-horned, but we're coming to like her - as long as she stays out of our vegetable garden.

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