Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Passing the Light

Two very contrasting ships passed the Ardmore Point light this afternoon.  One was the Hampshire, a 56m luxury yacht built in 2001 and refitted in 2007, with accommodation for twelve guests.  If you'd like to hire her, her details are here, but if you want to know who else has hired her, there's a story from the Daily Record here.

We've seen her before. She passed here last June, and was pictured in the Diary, here.

By comparison, this is a workhorse of a ship.  She's the Pharos, one of two Northern Lighthouse Board tenders which care for the lighthouses, lights and buoys around Scotland and the Isle of Man's coastlines.  More details here.

Given the choice, which would be the more interesting to spend a week on board?  The Pharos.

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  1. The 56m Hampshire passed close to us when sailing in the Sound of Mull yesterday. However the larger 78m Hampshire II was anchored in Oban Bay. Quite a valuble little fleet the Grangemouth Oil Refinery boss owns! Perhaps the Hampshire II will also sail past Kilchoan though her name is less easy to make out. Richard Houston