Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's Egg Time

It's the time of year when birds are busy making eggs, which is presumably why the male chaffinch on the right is being so very nice to the female.  We did wonder whether the one on the left was a nestling but, if it is, then mum and dad must have been the chaffinch equivalent of teenage parents.

For ages, the Diary has been bullying Hughie to get himself either a camera or a phone that takes pictures.  He finally did the latter, though we understand he didn't actually go out and buy one but used one that came to him as a family cast-off.  It doesn't matter, his first picture, taken while he was chasing foxes (unsuccessfully) up Beinn na Seilg, is a beauty.  It shows what are probably seagull eggs - but please no-one tell Hughie that these can be sold to top-class restaurants.

Kilchoan Early Bird just continues to send us really super pictures.  He's fairly certain that this is a skylark's nest.  I had no idea that they laid such beautiful eggs.

This was in the plastic base for a flower pot which we use as a birdbath, the egg carried away from the nest for safe disposal - probably by the male who, being a male, saw the chance of a drink and forgot what he was supposed to be doing.

Many thanks to Hughie and Kilchoan Early Bird for the pictures.

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