Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moving the Pigs

It was pouring with rain yesterday afternoon so Hughie decided it was a good time to move the pigs' enclosure.  So, while Betsy and Bobby were occupied with a very late breakfast we rolled up the twin strands of electric wire which are supposed to keep them in and, splashing and slipping around in the rain, mud, pig muck, brambles, bracken and bluebells, we re-strung it to give them some fresh land to root up.

The pigs were so disgusted with the weather that, far from trying to escape while the wire was down, they huddled in the lea of their house.  As the Diary commented to Hughie, normal human beings on a miserable Saturday afternoon like this would have had their feet up indoors in front of the tele with a couple of cans.

Having fixed the wire Hughie then attached the battery, probably at some risk to himself as the place was so sopping it seemed likely that everything was live.

He then used the empty pig food bucket to coax the pigs into the new area.  They're very wary of crossing the line where the electric wire used to be - not that this has stopped Bobby recently from escaping from the enclosure and having a fight with the ginger boar who is on the next door croft.  The Diary missed this, which is a pity as Hughie and Angus-John had a devil of a time separating them.

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  1. It went pretty well! I still think how to move my pig. Thanks for sharing!