Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saga Sapphire Sails

The Saga Sapphire remained anchored off Tobermory until around nine last night, when she began to make way back up the Sound.

By a quarter to ten she was passing us, with plenty of lights showing so, presumably, the major electrical fault which had caused the problem had been sorted.

The Diary wasn't the only one on our front terrace watching the Sapphire.  The white chest, large eyes and big ears suggest this may be a wood mouse.  When first seen he was clinging to the peanut feeder enjoying his supper but climbed higher to wave as the ship passed us.  He was totally unafraid of the camera: this shot was taken from about a metre away.

At a quarter to eight this morning the Tobermory lifeboat, having been on standby yesterday in case the cruise ship needed assistance, was called out, passing us at speed travelling westwards.

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