Saturday, 1 July 2017

Shop Closed Monday

From Rob Bolton:
Following the completion of the new roof on the Ferry Stores, the last week has also seen internal work take place. The shop now has a new ceiling and the walls have been painted. That means the work has been completed on time, so thanks to Alistair, Richard, Jonnie and Connor for all their hard work. In the next week they will complete the painting of the outside of the shop and storeroom and have a final clear up of the site.

In order to re-stock the shop and move the till etc. the shop and Post Office will be closed for one day as planned on Monday 3rd July, and will re-open on Tuesday 4th July.

A big thank you to all customers for their understanding whilst this project has been underway and also a thanks to the shop staff for maintaining a service to the community with limited facilities.

1 comment:

  1. Really relieved that the shop is still going on; will be very grateful for it in late September. Only on Ardnamurchan for a week, so will have to spend as much as possible then!