Monday, 10 July 2017

Frog Orchids at Sanna

The tide was falling when we arrived at Sanna yesterday morning, exposing miles of sand which we shared with just one other person.

The beginning of July is when the Sanna frog orchids begin to appear, and we found the first few in the machair behind the southernmost of the beaches, Port na Tuine - one is visible in the foreground of this picture.

Because frog orchids are neither spectacular nor colourful, they're quite difficult to find, but the healthy Sanna population is important as the species has declined over the years.

Following the Raptor's post yesterday we were pleased to find a red-throated diver in one of the Sanna bays, though it was difficult to photograph as it kept its distance.

Three dunlin foraging along the beach above the high-tide mark were much more friendly, allowing a very close approach, but....

....even they drew the line when we came within ten metres, though they only flew a short distance.

We spent over two hours wandering the beaches before crossing the Sanna burn to walk out to the lone bay close to Sanna Point. For July, the place seemed empty, particularly when this beach has recently been singled out as one of Britain's best.

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