Sunday, 9 July 2017

Minke in the Sound

Many thanks to Justin Cameron who sent a message via Sue Cameron that he'd just spotted a minke whale off Mingary Pier which was heading along the Ormsaigbeg shore - picture shows Justin in his creel boat Harvester yesterday.

We hurried down to the bay below our house in the hope of a sighting but the whale appeared off Tobermory, right in the path of the Clansman.

A few moments later we saw it - or, perhaps, another - further to the right, almost in front of Rubha nan Gall lighthouse.

From the shore, sightings of minkes in the Sound are rare. I'm not sure that many minkes come in to these restricted waters, and then the water has to be almost dead calm for us to see them in the brief time they're on the surface.

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