Sunday, 2 July 2017

Wildlife Photographs

This is the last set of pictures from Sue and Richard's recent holiday on Ardnamurchan. They have a particular interest in otters but they also produce some stunning pictures of Ardnamurchan's other wildlife. This is a grey heron fishing in the still waters of Port na Croisg, just to the west of the Ardnamurchan Distillery.

A little further west they caught this roe deer in Camas Ban. Roe deer aren't easily seen on Ardnamurchan, let alone stepping daintily through the seaweed.

Nothing is too small or insignificant for their cameras. This is silverweed growing in the sand at Bay MacNeil while....

....this is water dropwort found at the roadside at Camus Fearna, though they're not sure whether it’s the poisonous hemlock variety or another sort.

Finally, this is a close up of wild thyme taken at Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse.

Many thanks to Sue and Richard for all the photographs.

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