Friday, 21 July 2017

Pine Marten Visit

A pine marten came to breakfast.... Richard O'Connor's house at Achosnich.

Cute as these animals are, we used to discourage such visits - not actively, but in the sense that we didn't put food out for them - because we had heard stories of pine martens tangling with cats, confrontations from which the cats did not come out well.

Now that our cats have gone to a happy mousing ground in the sky, we're not so bothered, as long as the pine martens don't take up residence in the roof.

Fortunately for us, a pine marten is in residence in a neighbour's shed, so we went round the other day to collect some pine marten scat....

....which we scattered round the kale bed which was being visited by what we think is a small rabbit, a beast which has not been deterred by a wire cover - see earlier blog post here.

The damage can be clearly seen in this picture, taken this morning, but we're pleased to report that the rabbit, or whatever it is, hasn't returned.

Many thanks to Richard for the top four pictures.

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