Saturday, 15 July 2017


We walked yesterday in the hills between Achosnich and Sanna - picture shows a view across Bealach Ruadh, the red pass, through which a path runs to Achnaha and Glendrian. Some of the houses of Achosnich are visible in the mid-distance.

The bell heather is in full flower, though it doesn't seem to be a great year for it. The bird here is, I think, a skylark.

This is the first ling we've seen in flower this year, and it is this heather which, if the year favours it, will clothe the hills of Ardnamurchan in purple come September.

One wildflower that is having a good year is bog asphodel. Even on the tops of the bens it's out in large numbers. The nearer of these has a sleepy golden-ringed dragonfly perched on it.

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