Friday, 30 June 2017

Cheeky Young

We can identify almost all the small birds that visit our various feeders but the young are sometimes more difficult. Very often, they're accompanied by mum or dad, which helps, but this character, who appeared on the sill just outside our conservatory while we were having lunch, was alone.

It looked thoroughly fed up. Perhaps that's why, even though it could easily see us through the glass - this picture was taken from a distance of about a foot - it wasn't prepared to move, and was really quite aggressive....

....when a blackbird approached - to the extent that it was the blackbird which flew off.

On the basis of its cheek and aggression, we're guessing that it's a young robin.

Apologies for the reflection of the cake tin in the last picture: it contained one of Mrs Diary's excellent fruit cakes.

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