Monday, 26 June 2017

Camas nan Geall Otters

From Sue & Richard:
We were walking from Camas nan Geall towards Maclean’s Nose when we spotted an otter on some rocks in the water. We watched it for several minutes as it swam out, dived, caught its prey....

....and returned to feed, then had a good roll over on the seaweed-covered rocks before moving on.

We followed it, walking quickly along the coast whenever the otter dived, and remaining motionless as soon as it surfaced. We continued to the next headland where, in the next bay, there was a second otter. It seemed to be acting oddly, swimming quickly in to shore then moving rapidly in and out of the water and over the rocks.

Soon, the first otter arrived and it wasn’t long before they both surfaced, some distance apart, and gave each other a hard stare. After swimming around in a large circle they came in to the shore beneath us. With whistles and squeaks they warmly greeted each other, as if after a long separation. Then they began ‘romping’ around in the water and rocks at the shore’s edge.

This behaviour continued for some time before they swam off together and we eventually lost sight of them as they left the water and disappeared into the rocks further along the coast.

Many thanks to Sue & Richard for super pictures and story.

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