Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lesser Butterfly Orchids

We walked at Sanna today, less because it was a beautiful day and more because the single butterfly orchid which had appeared a week ago near the old water tank should have been in full flower. It was, as were half a dozen others.

A close look at one of the flowers suggests that these are lesser butterfly orchids.

Having enjoyed the orchids we headed for the north coast, where clear skies and clear air gave us fine views across to Eigg (right), Rum and Muck.

We then walked east, past the abandoned settlement of Plocaig.... the beaches near the Cat's Face, which are only exposed at low tide, where we sat on a rock for lunch and....

....immersed ourselves in the sunshine and the view.

The weather has brought out the dragon- and damselflies. This is a four-spotted chaser with his twin wings and....

....this the biggest of the local dragonflies, the golden ringed dragonfly, who was so relaxed that this picture was taken from a couple of inches away.

A rather less attractive insect accompanied us home. We make a habit after a walk of checking for these little beasts, and removing them immediately.

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