Thursday, 15 June 2017

On Land & Sea

We walked down the slope below our house on our way for a wander along the coast to the west of the house, crossing land which Hughie's pigs worked last year. Their clearing the bracken seems to have had a very positive effect on the foxgloves, which are growing in profusion. We've never seen a display like this before.

In the grassland at the back of the beach the first common spotted orchids are in flower, while....

....a little further along the coast the northern marsh are also coming out. These seem to appear in small groups: the children found a similar group in the clachan field above Camas nan Geall yesterday.

For a moment we were impressed that a fungus could grow in pebbles but a closer look revealed that it was probably assisted by a passing sheep.

Meanwhile, out in the Sound, the Hebridean Sky passed us heading for Tobermory, where....

....the Star Pride had been at anchor since first thing this morning. She left as the Sky turned in to the bay and....

....came up the Sound past us, heading for Portree.

The Star Pride used to be part of the Seabourn fleet with her sister ships Seabourn Legend and Seabourn Spirit but is now operated by Windstar Cruises. She's recently back from repairs having hit a coral reef off the Pacific coast of Panama.

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