Thursday, 29 June 2017

Strimming the Ormsaigbeg Road

A big 'thank you!' to the two Council workers who strimmed the verges along the Ormsaigbeg road on Tuesday. For those of us who are frequent walkers along this road, and who have to step off it to allow cars to pass, it's good now that we are able to see where we're treading.

Last year this service happened a bit late in the season but this year the timing is perfect, with the bracken well up and, therefore, unlikely to re-grow.

They cut back the vegetation which was beginning to bury our post box and....

....lopped off some of the branches on the shrubs at this corner which, until then, was almost blind and, therefore, hazardous to both pedestrians and vehicles.

Talking to them made us realise how thinly-stretched the Council's workforce now is. They can be working anywhere between Fort William, Kinlochleven, the Point of Ardnamurchan, and Mallaig. In view of this, we feel quite privileged to have such a timely job done on our road.


  1. Apart from "austerity", late strimming may be because"Plantlife" is encouraging councils to delay cutting to enable wildflower plants to set seed. This will help pollinators and all the animals who depend on them (including humans!).
    I'm sure that, in beautiful Ardnamurchan, you have ample wildflowers off the roadsides and that your pollinators are doing well!

  2. You and the residents of Ormsaigbeg are indeed privileged. The road from Sonachan to the school path is dangerously overgrown and rarely, if ever, gets strimmed.