Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Ferry Stores - A New Roof

From Rob Bolton:
All users of the Ferry Stores in Kilchoan will be pleased to hear that the much-loved tarpaulin is to be removed this summer along with the underlying leaky roof and a new metal box section roof installed. The shop will also get new interior ceiling tiles and a coat of white paint inside and out.

The work to do this has already begun with redundant freezers being removed and the store at the end of the house being cleared and racking installed. The next week should also see the removal of the two white vans and the Citroen estate car, broken flower barrels, redundant fuel pumps and the dismantled portacabins.

The installation of the new roof and redecoration will begin, weather permitting, on Monday 19 June and will continue until 7 July 2017.

Removal of the shop roof means we cannot sell items from the existing building so we are setting up a small outlet with limited stock items in the store room facility. The staff at the shop will try their best to maintain a basic service to our customers and minimise any disruption. You may see a rundown of stock on the shelves from 12 June onwards as staff prepare for the changeover to the new temporary arrangement.

The key points to note are that
  • The shop will only close on two days, Monday 19th June and Monday 3rd July. 
  • The Post Office will run as normal as we are erecting a sealed tunnel from the front door to the counter, but will also close on Monday 19th June and Monday 3rd July. 
  • Petrol and gas supplies will be available as now. 
  • The temporary shop outlet will offer a limited range of products providing milk, bread, fresh items, papers, alcohol and cigarettes as normal. 
  • For other limited items customers should hand an order to the staff and they will confirm a time when the order can be collected (normally next day) and indicate when items are not available. 
  • Unfortunately Royal Mail will temporarily be sorting the mail in Fort William, which means newspapers will not be delivered with the post for the duration of the works. Customers using this service should arrange for the collection of their paper from the shop.
We hope customers will appreciate the importance of this long overdue maintenance to the shop and bear with the staff as they try to maintain a basic service.

If you have any queries regarding the work programme or disruption to service then please contact Rob Bolton, who is supervising the work on behalf of the Ball family, on 07803 618 355.

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  1. Mary McLauchlan7 June 2017 at 20:37

    I'm so pleased to hear the shop is getting a facelift. Look forward to seeing it at the end of July when we come up.