Thursday, 8 December 2016

Three Sea Eagles

The Raptor, bless him, phoned me from Mingary Pier to say that he was watching three sea eagles flying west along the coast, and that they would be passing below our house shortly. I was out of the house on the run, only to see the first eagle, above, sailing majestically across the bay below me, pursued by some angry gulls.

Expecting the other two at any minute, I ran down the brae and along to the end of the small headland to the west of the bay, where I would be right below them if they followed their companion. I sat on a favourite rock and waited. Several gulls passed, heading upwind....

....and three oystercatchers arrived and began feeding just below me. Later, the Raptor sent a text to say that two of the eagles had settled on Glas Eilean, so I waited while....

 ....more gulls passed, saw me and, giving the headland a wide berth, flew on along the coast.

It was very pleasant sitting alone, with the only sounds the sea and the gulls, while a watery sun came out and lit the houses along Ormsaigbeg.

Time, and more gulls passed, followed by a moth-eaten shag. The sun faded. I gave up, set off up the hill, and made the mistake of looking back, to see the other eagles passing low over the end of the headland.

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  1. Just logged onto the blog as we sail towards Ushuaia from Antarctica and I have some free time. Lovely photo of my campsite. TP